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Memorial Park

Bollinger County Memorial Park Cemetery

23785 State Highway 51Marble Hill, MO 63764(573) 238-2825

Bollinger County Memorial Park Cemetery was founded in 1948 by five local civic leaders from the Marble Hill area. It is home to the Veteran's Avenue of Flags. It is a “Perpetual Care Cemetery” with Mausoleums, Columbarium and Family Plots. In 2022, the Bollinger County Memorial Park Cemetery was purchased by the Ford family and is part of the parent corporation, Ford and Sons Funeral Home, Inc. 

The Chapel of Memory building has been made possible by you enrolling the names of your loved ones on the Memory Wall inside of the building and by just outright donations to the Building and Improvement Fund of the cemetery. Every dollar of this goes directly for that purpose

Ford & Liley Monuments donated the Missouri Red Granite slabs and the first engraving.

It is such a peaceful place to go and remember those who have preceded us.

The cost for inscribing up to 20 letters per line is $250.00. It now costs $50.00 to have the line inscribed and that gives us $200.00 to put into the Building and Improvement Fund.

History of Bollinger County Memorial Park Cemetery

History of Bollinger County Memorial Park Cemetery

The idea of a cemetery that would have funds set aside for the future upkeep was conceived and five local civic leaders in the Marble Hill area founded the Bollinger County Memorial Park Cemetery in 1948. They were: John D. Chandler, Irvin Caldwell, William Charles, Buford Ward and Coy Shetley featured at the top of every page on this site.

It was a well thought out plan. The grounds were plotted out, rules and regulations put in place and a perpetual care fund established. In 1989, a memorial was erected and dedicated to the memory of the Founders. The entrance way was built in 1990 and has a rustic country look, as well as the other features in the Cemetery. 

There is approximately 60% of the cemetery that has not been developed. We have numerous grave spaces available now and will have for many years in the future. Prices vary according to location.

The needs of the community change from time to time and we have tried to address that by making available private, single and companion, mausoleums for those who choose above ground burial.

Cremation has also become an option that some in our area have chosen. In 2000, we erected a 48-unit Columbarium to serve those choosing this method. In 2004, we have added a statue to the Columbarium.

We are proud to be the host of the Bollinger County Veterans Avenue of Flags. The flags are flown three times per year: Memorial weekend, Independence Day, and Veteran's Day.

Our annual memorial service is held the Last Sunday of May at 2:00 pm and always includes recognition of our Veterans.

The graves are filled and seeded as weather permits and as the ground settles after a new grave is opened. The cemetery ground is fertilized, mowed, and well groomed.

Because this is a PERPETUAL (Endowed) CARE cemetery you will have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones’ grave will be cared for FOREVER.